Today we can get just about anything delivered. Do you want Mcdonald’s delivered at 2 am? No problem, order DoorDash. Do you need to furnish your new home but don’t have a truck to haul furniture? No worries, Slumberland will deliver everything to your door (and carry it inside)! But what about medication?

Pharmacies have long offered prescription delivery services but with less-than-convenient times and offerings. Thankfully, that has changed significantly in the last decade to the point where there are dozens of prescription delivery service companies to choose from. Choosing one can be overwhelming, so we thought we’d help by narrowing down a list of the best medication delivery companies in 2021.


PillPack is one of the most popular names in prescription delivery, and even more so after being purchased by Amazon Pharmacy in 2019. PillPack has changed the game when it comes to medication management. They offer free home delivery, and users only pay for their med copays, PillPack takes care of the rest.

After signing up, users send in their medication details, then PillPack works with their doctors or pharmacies to sort out all prescription and non-prescription items (like vitamins and supplements). Then, everything is delivered in conveniently packed daily pouches. It’s easy, affordable, and convenient.


Capsule currently only delivers to 13 major cities around the country, including the Twin Cities (and their surrounding zip codes). Still, they are well on their way to becoming one of the most used prescription delivery services around. Capsule offers same day delivery of your prescriptions, even if you’re a new customer.

They have pharmacists who care and want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get their medications delivered to their door with no hassle. Capsule can become your new pharmacy with the help of your doctor and accepts any insurance.

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ExactCare is one prescription delivery service that goes beyond just convenient home deliveries. They also partner with nursing homes, home health workers, and manufacturers to create a more well-rounded medication management system and help improve patient health outcomes.

In addition to packaging and delivering medications to your home, ExactCare also provides comprehensive support services to ensure your medication is managed and adjusted to be as effective as possible, especially when treating chronic diseases.


Recently merged with IngenioRx, ZipDrug is making huge advancements in medication adherence and prescription care for patients with chronic conditions. However, they are opposed to common industry issues like Medicare Advantage patients being prescribed the most expensive option, more recurring medications, and paying way too much in general. So, ZipDrug steps in and connects people with the best, most affordable pharmacies in their area who work best for their health plans and their care.

They even reward pharmacies who take steps toward improving medication adherence in patients who get drugs delivered by ZipDrug. It’s a win-win for everyone and provides beneficial pharmacy services on the go.


DivvyDOSE is very similar to PillPack since they package all of a patient’s medications into one neat daily pouch that you can just open, take your meds, and go on living your life without worry. The convenience factor is huge, not to mention free delivery, free packaging, and they accept all major health insurance plans.

With DivvyDOSE, you’ll never run out of refills because they remind you and take care of contacting your doctor. They will also include a small medication card that fits into a wallet, so no matter where you are, you always have your most up-to-date script info.

Simple Meds

A small team with a big purpose, Simple Meds is adding to the top contenders changing how prescription drugs are managed for good. No one should have to worry about how or when their prescriptions are getting filled. With Simple Meds, members get simple, easy medication management with no hidden fees.

Finding the Best for You

Many similar companies are paving the way for better and more advanced medication adherence efforts. Most companies will work with your insurance company, get your prescriptions filled, and deliver them right to your door, hassle-free. But these companies mentioned above have proven to be some of the best in the industry, and we’re excited to follow where they go.

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention Ōmcare’s efforts to improve medication management as well. For example, our convenient prescription delivery service ensures our Home Health Hub stays fully loaded with proper daily dosage in easy-to-open pouches, shipped out every single month. For more information on how Ōmcare can help you or your loved ones get their prescription dispensed on time with convenient delivery, reach out today.