Why We Exist

Remote care, real connection

The real cost of care goes beyond dollars and cents. That’s why Ōmcare was started, to offer a solution to multiple problems. At its core, Ōmcare is a health technology company enabling caregivers the ability to support people who need help taking medications. Respecting the importance of human connection and desire to receive care in a familiar setting.


The Cost of Medication Non-Adherence

Of prescriptions filled, taken incorrectly
Annual deaths in elder markets††
Annual health care cost

Dr. David McLeanBoard Member - Anser Innovation

Who We Serve

Extending the caregiver

We serve people who want to remain independent by staying well. Unfortunately, the day-to-day task of managing medications can be a challenge for both patients and caregivers, often with less than positive outcomes. From seniors who have a desire for aging in place, to individuals in recovery from physical or mental health conditions, Ōmcare gives caregivers an easy, direct connection for real medication assistance and care.

Trust, convenience and assurance that staying healthy
is not only real but possible, that is Ōmcare.

Aging in Place

Giving seniors the support they need.

Many seniors prefer to stay at home, but the fee for in-home pill dispensing services is a cost many can’t afford. Ōmcare offers assurance to caregivers and reduces patient confusion, while returning personal independence.

Mental Health

Stability is key.

Ōmcare is working with mental and behavioral health experts to find a solution for those who would benefit from having an every day advocate. The opportunity to connect is exciting and keeps us driving forward.

Opioid Use Disorder

Medication Assisted Treatment.

Ōmcare gives physicians and family members confidence that the drugs meant to support recovery, don’t become tragic. Connecting both visually and audibly changes the dynamic, offering greater independence and freedom.

What We Do

Right pill, right time, right person

The Ōmcare Telemed System offers caregivers of all types – physicians, pharmacists and family – the ability to see, speak to, and confirm appropriate medication from anywhere. A variety of call center options will be offered to provide an added connection when a loved one or clinician cannot be there. After all, there’s no true substitution for connecting one-to-one.

The easy-to-use Ōmcare Telemed System enables remote care and visual confirmation of right pill, right time, right person – the first of many Ōmcare product and service innovations.

Features include:

  • Video chat interface
  • 3-way calling capabilities
  • Easy, one-touch call interface for end-users
  • Medication dispensing, consumption assistance and support
  • Remote in-home telehealth care
  • Longitudinal data with medication adherence confirmation
  • EHR integration to support physician directives
  • Ability to dispense multi-dose pouch packaged medication

The Ōmcare Telemed System is scheduled for commercialization early 2019.

How We're Different

The Ōmcare advantage

Today, to be absolutely certain someone is taking the right medication at the right time, you have to be physically present. Adherence measurement happens only by way of a prescription refill. With Ōmcare, you can now be there from anywhere, and proof is both real and possible. Ōmcare is far more than a pill sorting system.

Future state, we’re working to build even deeper integration with partners and systems interested in changing the future of care. From wearables integration designed to help patients both monitor and act on the information at their fingertips, to the reality of in-home care that translates from dispensing to real time care. With Ōmcare, remote care and true medication adherence is truly possible.


Automated control


Audio-visual care


3-way call capabilities


Proof of adherence

Who We Are

Driven by technology

Ōmcare, a pioneer of healthcare technology, promises a different kind of future. One that leads to a more vibrant independent way of being for individuals of all types. More importantly, the Ōmcare technology isn’t brand new. It’s the culmination of over eight years of engineering and commercial application in other markets. Ōmcare is proven, reliable and ready to make a difference in healthcare.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Anser Innovation, Ōmcare users will benefit from experience gained elsewhere. Anser Innovation is a technology company pioneering interactive IoT technologies that enable being two places at once.


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