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The real cost of care goes beyond dollars and cents. For patients and caregivers, it can be complicated. This is why Ōmcare exists, to simplify the experience. At its core, Ōmcare is a digital health company and conduit for care in the home. Introducing an audio-visual platform for integrated tech-enabled care management that respects the importance of human connection and the desire to receive care in a familiar setting, at home, starting with medication assistance.

What We're Facing, Together


The Personal Cost of Care

Annual cost of skilled nursing facility†

Caregiver Resource Constraints

Caregivers for every Senior††
7:1 today < 4:1 by 2030


The Cost of Non-Adherence

Annual non-adherence health care costs†††

Extending the Reach of the Caregiver

We serve people who want to remain independent by staying well. Unfortunately, the day-to-day task of managing medications can be a challenge for both patients and caregivers, often with less than positive outcomes. For seniors who desire to age in place, and for anyone struggling to keep up with managing chronic or complex health conditions, Ōmcare offers a single, secure, integrated hub for care that supports them on their unique journey.

Ōmcare offers caregivers a remote video connection that feels like being there.

Aging in Place

Giving seniors the support they need.

Many seniors prefer to stay at home, but in-home care services are often too expensive. Ōmcare offers the opportunity to engage a community of family and paid caregivers, all connected to a hub of care in the home, to help manage medications and wrap them with the love and care they need at a more reasonable cost.

Mental Health

Stability is key.

Ōmcare is working with mental and behavioral health experts to find a solution for those who would benefit from having an everyday advocate to help them manage their medications. The opportunity to connect and support adherence for this population is exciting and keeps us driving forward.

Complex Conditions

Managing chronic care.

Ōmcare supports population health programs targeting high risk, high cost patients. With a single, easy-to-use integrated device, care is enabled in the home. Case managers now have a platform to connect caregivers and patients, enabling care through technology and starting with medication assistance.


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Observer's 2020 List of the Hottest "Flyover Tech" Companies in Digital Health

“I began my career in health care as a nurse, and so I know first-hand the challenges and constraints placed upon caregivers,” Rivet explained. “Although in its early stages, Ōmcare has the potential to revolutionize medication non-adherence among elderly and others struggling to manage chronic or complex health conditions.”

-Jeannine Rivet, Director