Intended use   

Last updated: April 1, 2024

The Ōmcare Home Health Hub® is an AC-powered, countertop, in-home device intended to assist adults with care and medication adherence. The device uses wireless communication along with the Ōmcare® mobile app and related software to create the Ōmcare experience with owners, caregivers, and other health care professionals.  


Device specifications 

Dimensions  8” W x 20.5” L x 16.2” H  
Weight  Boxed weight 19.7lbs 
Operating temperature  50F – 95F 
Operating and storage relative humidity  Up to 80% RH, non-condensing 
Input current type  AC 
Rated input frequency  60 Hz 
Rated input  1 A / 115 VAC 
Fuse type, voltage, current rating, operating speed, breaking capacity  FUSE, 5X20MM, 2A, 250AC, 300DC  
Power cord  US cord set C17 10A 125V 2.5m  
Power entry module  Class II: Double insulation used, type BF  
Wi-Fi  IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n, Wi-Fi compliant, recommended 2 Mbps upload and download speeds. 
EMC compliance  7 CFR, Part 15:2023, §15.107 and §15.109, Class B, test method: ANSI C63.4-2014 ICES-003, Issue 7 updated 2020 
Power outage  If the door needs to open, use the included key. 
Duty cycle  Continuous use. 
Model number and serial number  To view the model and serial number, check the sticker on the back of the device. 
Software version  To view the current software version, click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. Then click “About” and finally “Check for updates.”



Warnings indicate best practices to be followed while using the device to prevent any unintended consequences to the device or the user. 

Placement  Do not place the device in moist or wet environments or in direct sunlight. Always place it in an upright position. 
Usage  Do not store anything inside the device other than the medication roll that needs to be loaded. The device is not designed to store liquid medication, refrigerated medication, or any medication that requires strict storage conditions such as temperature and/or humidity. 

The device is designed to serve the needs of a single owner and shall not be shared. 

The device and Ōmcare mobile application are dependent on network connectivity to operate with full functionality. If the Wi-Fi connection is poor, the Hub won’t be able to function as intended. 

Ōmcare is not responsible for any later medication displacements or non-adherence for medication that is pre-dispensed using Ōmcare on-the-go®. 

Service  Do not modify this equipment without authorization of the manufacturer. If any issues are seen in operating the device, please contact Ōmcare Customer Care. 

To disconnect the device from power, disconnect the power cord.

Visual indicators  If the LED on the front panel of the device glows red, the device is plugged in but powered off or in standby mode. If it glows green, the device is powered on and is active. 

The Wi-Fi status is indicated by the Wi-Fi status indicator on the top left side of the display screen while the device is in use. 

Cleaning  As needed, unplug the device and use a mixture of warm water and mild detergent (such as dish soap) with a soft cloth dampened. Gently wipe down the surface of the plastic and dry it with a clean cloth. 


Safety symbols  

  Indicates device is suitable for both direct and alternating current. 
FCC certification. Indicates device uses FCC certified wireless module. 
ETL certification. Indicates device has completed ETL certification testing. 
WEEE symbol. Do not dispose of this product in general waste. Contact the manufacturer for a proper disposal method. 
Keep dry. Indicates the device should be protected from rain or other damp conditions. 
Class II Equipment (double insulated). 
Caution. Consult terms and conditions. 
Operating instructions / Instruction for use.  


To view Hub software licenses for open source components, click here

If you have questions regarding the intended use, please contact us by e-mail at or by using the contact information provided below: 

Ōmcare Inc. 

c/o Support Administrator 

2626 E 82nd Street, Ste 265 

Bloomington, MN 55425 

Phone: 952-456-6848