How often do you struggle with remembering to take your medication? It’s a common problem that can often feel difficult to overcome since it’s all about solidifying that habit. Fortunately, some tools and devices are available to help you remember to take your meds on time. We’re listing some of the most popular methods for how to remember to take your medications on time each day.

What happens when you miss a pill dose?

There are many reasons why people frequently miss doses: forgetfulness, changing schedules due to work or vacation plans, misplaced pills & pill boxes—the list goes on! The time of day you take your medication matters significantly, especially with those with chronic conditions with strong medications that could cause withdrawal symptoms or jeopardize their regimen.

Depending on all your medications, symptoms for missing doses can vary greatly. Going through your medication regimen as prescribed is highly important. If you’re ever unsure what to do if you miss a dose, make sure you reach out to your healthcare provider.

remember to take your meds

6 Ways To Remember To Take Your Meds

You can use a few different methods to put reminders in place for when it’s time to take your daily meds. Here is the list of some of the most popular methods:

Setting a daily reminder or alarm

Set an alarm on your phone or create calendar slots with reminder notifications. If it’s too easy to hit snooze on your smartphone or you don’t always have your calendar handy, you may need another method. For example, try setting an alarm and placing it next to your pill box so you’ll remember to take your pill when you walk over to shut it off.

Use a manual pill dispenser

Choose the same day each week (many choose Sunday) and put all of your pills in their respective day slots in a pill organizer. That way, you can quickly and easily see whether or not you’ve taken that day’s pills. It’s a less automated way of doing things but can still help those who take multiple meds per day.

Many multi-colored pills in a Senior's hands; remember to take your meds

Pair the action with activities every day

Taking your medication on time becomes more attainable when it’s a habit. And most of us already have daily habits like brushing your teeth in the morning or washing your face before bed. By pairing your dose with a daily routine, remembering becomes easier each day.

Notification devices

Use a reminder device like a vibrating pill box or a smart wristwatch that vibrates to remind you to do things. These notification devices often come as complete kits with everything you need, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting anything else.

Utilize health apps

Set reminders within health apps such as Medisafe Pill Reminder, Mango Health, MyTherapy, or MedMinder. These apps allow you to lookup drug information, set medication reminders and have the added benefit of tracking your own personal medication records.

remember to take your meds

Automatic pill dispensers

Automatic pill dispensers are devices with built-in schedules so you can be reminded and dispense your medication the minute it’s due. These devices have helped bridge the gap between patients, family members, and doctors who must ensure the prescription is taken as directed. For older adults remembering to take the meds can be quite difficult: these automatic pill dispensers make it easy.

How Omcare Can Help!

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