• Ōmcare is launching an all-in-one technology platform to extend the reach of caregivers into the home and enable remote medication assistance that promises dose-level medication adherence.
  • Ōmcare is collaborating with senior care providers, like Minnesota-based Ecumen and Ohio-based Continental Senior Communities, to accelerate their home care strategy. The new solution is entering the market at a critical juncture for the healthcare industry as more aging Americans are living longer with increasing chronic conditions and wanting to age in place at home, but doing so at a time when access to caregivers is falling.
  • Ōmcare has integrated directly with national pharmacy information systems, allowing for seamless home delivery of medication for dispense and visual confirmation of adherence by the Ōmcare Home Health Hub®. This bridges a critical gap in the healthcare sector’s ability to ensure the right medication, at the right time, for the right person.

[Minneapolis, October 24, 2023]. Today, Ōmcare announced that it is launching the Ōmcare Home Health Hub®, an all-in-one, customizable home health platform that allows care providers to extend care into the home via a secure infrastructure with one-touch access to telehealth services, aggregated remote patient monitoring, and medication dispensing with visual confirmation of dose-level medication adherence.

“Ōmcare exists due to the rapidly aging population; high rate of medication nonadherence; a shortage of family and professional caregivers; continued increase in health care costs; the need for in-home care and aging in place;” remarked Lisa Lavin, the CEO of Ōmcare. “Ōmcare opens up the home as a legitimate site of care by creating an all-in-one, easy-to-use solution with a comprehensive suite of capabilities required for remote care.”

Ōmcare allows health care and senior care organizations to rapidly deploy a home care strategy while simultaneously customizing the provider and patient experience to fit their brand. The product’s accessible architecture also allows for the integration of provider and consumer tools aimed at:

  • Addressing the increasingly complex care needs of the Over 65 and dual populations.
  • Delivering a platform that allows for tailored customization of current chronic and acute solutions.
  • Extending caregiver reach and efficiency.
  • Promising right medication, right time, right person.

To support a seamless consumer experience, Ōmcare integrates directly with pharmacy information systems enabling Ōmcare Home Health Hub users to know their medication schedule and receive timely alerts and medication assistance events. This integration delivers a comprehensive last-mile solution to address medication non-adherence, a problem that costs the healthcare industry more than $500 billion a year. More than 33% of hospital readmissions result from medication non-adherence as do 150,000 deaths each year. The novel relationship between Ōmcare, pharmacy and senior care providers is the first of its kind that will increase patient access to the care they need and empower clinicians with better visibility into whether or not patients are adhering to the medications they have been prescribed.

Medication adherence among older adults with chronic conditions taking multiple medications can be hindered by forgetfulness, the complexity of regimens, functional status, and other factors. Non-adherence is a leading driver of hospitalization and loss of independence. For senior care providers like Ecumen and Continental Senior Communities—the Ōmcare Home Health Hub serves as a portal for new services that help people maintain independence in their homes longer.

“Medication administration is one of the care needs that cause people to move into higher levels of care. Keeping residents in the lowest level of care and the highest degree of independence is critical for improved lifestyle, longevity and cost-effectiveness,” said Eleanor Alvarez, Board Chair of Continental Senior Communities and CEO of LeaderStat. “The Ōmcare Home Health Hub’s ability to provide remote care and ensure medication adherence sets a new bar in the industry and aligns with our innovation mindset.”

“People are most comfortable when they are living where they want to live. Ecumen is dedicated to creating a home for older adults, wherever they choose to live,” said Brett Anderson, Chief Ecosystem and Operating Officer of Ecumen. “We help them do that through innovations like the Ōmcare Home Health Hub, which helps residents maintain greater independence longer.”

The Ōmcare Home Health Hub offering is available now through select senior care providers to bring telehealth services into the home to improve outcomes, reduce cost, increase member engagement, and elevate patient experience. For updates on the Ōmcare Home Health Hub, visit www.omcare.com.

About Ōmcare

Ōmcare is a digital health company pioneering a customizable, all-in-one home health platform that allows healthcare organizations to extend care into the home via a secure telehealth infrastructure with one-touch access to telehealth services, aggregated remote patient monitoring and medication dispensing with visual confirmation of dose-level medication adherence. Ōmcare is an AARP Innovation Labs portfolio company. It was recognized as one of the “top innovations” by the New York Observer and has been heralded by the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge as one of the most innovative startups serving North America focused on solutions for health organizations. To learn more, visit www.Omcare.com/contact-us-providers/.

Media Contact: Megan Rogers