A beautiful apartment overlooking Lake Superior is a treasured place for many at Ecumen Lakeshore in Duluth.

People want to live independently longer. But one thing that can get in the way is the complication of taking multiple medications.

Lisa Lavin, founder of Ōmcare, was inspired to do this after watching her beloved grandmother fade away in a way that didn’t allow her the respect that she deserved.

So after years of research and development, including starting with a device that dispensed pet treats, they’ve launched the Ōmcare Home Health Hub.

Lavin explained, “We’ve directly connected with the pharmacy data system. They will fill your meds in a pouch format, which is delivered to your home. And then it’s put in your health hub. You can use the smart assistance, which is digital reminders for you. Or caregiver assistance, which is when someone will call you through the hub to remind you to take the meds.”

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