Chief Executive Lisa Lavin is the only officer listed on the website of Anser Innovation, a startup company based in Burnsville, although a half-dozen additional members of its board are listed right with her.

It’s not rare for a young company to recruit a board, in part because board members do not need to be paid in cash. What is not that common, though, is to have directors of the stature of former UnitedHealth Group executive Jeannine Rivet, a well-known figure in her industry.

As to why Rivet might want to join a tiny company just launching a product to help seniors take their medications, the most interesting take comes from Lavin: “Good leadership is compounding.”

It’s an interesting idea well worth considering — and for big companies, too. It means candidates find good leaders involved already, making it easier for someone like Rivet to decide to come aboard. Her involvement, in turn, can attract others.

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