Name: Abiola Adimi

Title: Senior Software Engineer 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Time at Ōmcare: 5 years

One personal fact about you: Big Fan of Japanese Anime (Favorite: One piece has been running for 20+ years) 

1. What led you to Ōmcare? 

I joined Ōmcare in July 2018 as an intern because of how impressive the original product PetChatz was and how welcoming the engineering team was — they had no prejudice and were willing to help where I was lacking. 

2. What’s the most rewarding part of working at Ōmcare? 

The most rewarding thing about working at Ōmcare is the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative team that consistently strives for excellence. Ōmcare fosters a culture of collaboration and encourages employees to bring their ideas to the table. This open and inclusive environment empowers me to contribute my unique skills and perspectives, knowing that my input is valued and appreciated. 

3. What is your favorite current project you’re working on? 

I’m currently working on testing the software infrastructure on the new hardware that will be used for our next generation project Hub 2.0. Using an iMX 8 devkit, I have begun the preliminary work to port our existing software and test new features.  

4. Pick out a core value that means a lot to you. How have you seen this lived out in your time at Ōmcare? 

We boldly go where no one has gone before: This value is one of the reasons I wake up to work every morning with a new goal to achieve. Since my internship days, I have always been encouraged to think beyond conventional solutions and traditional approaches. With a culture that promotes curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial opportunities, I am never bored or uninterested in my work. Every new challenge is an opportunity for me to grow in different aspects. By stepping out of our comfort zone into unknown territories, we have always achieved extraordinary outcomes to deliver an excellent product to our customers.   

5. What are you most proud of accomplishing throughout your time at Ōmcare? 

Having been part of the development of our current Hardware/Software development infrastructure, my proudest accomplishment while at Ōmcare would be my growth as an experience and almost all-rounded Computer Engineer, who is not afraid of new challenges. Computer Engineers deal with a lot of unknowns while dealing with the hardware and software aspects of a product. During my time at Ōmcare, my analytical and creative skills are always being sharpened to implement new features that our customers will be able to experience seamlessly and with a smile on their faces. 

6. Why should someone work at Ōmcare? 

Work plays a vital role in our lives, providing us with numerous benefits and opportunities for personal growth. Ōmcare is a company that offers a lot of opportunities for growth. To grow, people need challenges and a sense of adventure. Thus, I believe that as a startup company where everything is fast paced and riddled with unknowns, people should work at Ōmcare if they believe that they are in a stage of their lives where they would like to make a difference in the healthcare world without any fear of challenges.