Advanced medication management

Medication management has become much more streamlined in recent years with voice-activated prescriptions refills, auto-refill subscriptions, and even monthly pharmacy deliveries. No matter how your pills are dispensed, gaining easier access makes it much easier to stop worrying about taking your meds on time and get back to your everyday life. Luckily the Ōmcare Home Health Hub combines the automated benefits of a smart pill dispenser with the video call capabilities of a laptop—for seamless medication management right from your home.

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Maintaining independence

Despite having chronic conditions that require consistent check-ins, follow-ups, and a strict medication regimen, older adults still want to maintain their independence. The Ōmcare Home Health Hub provides an incredible level of care to older individuals who want to live alone but still need the support of a provider or caregiver in order to maintain their healthcare management.

Thanks to easy pill dispensing, user-friendly menus, customizable systems, and quick pill delivery: home health hubs have become the ultimate tool to maintain independence while properly managing medications.

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Improve medication adherence

Whether you are an older adult living alone or are the caregiver of an aging parent or loved one, chances are you worry that medications are not being taken on time. This is referred to as medication adherence—medicines being taken as prescribed and on time. This requires a consistent medication schedule, and automatic dispensers can help with this.

Smart pill dispensers have been a game changed when it comes to boosting medication adherence. And repeatedly missing a dose (or more) can be a life or death situation. However, as technologies continue to advance and companies continue to innovate, you will begin to see fewer missed doses, improved overall wellness, and better home care advantages.

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Investing in convenient care

Imagine this: your aging mother wants to live independently, but you are concerned she won’t know when it’s time to take her meds. You’ve tried manual pill dispensers, setting alarms, smartphone reminders, and even wristbands that vibrate to alert mom to take her medicine. But, unfortunately, none of it has worked.

You need a solution that can give you as her caretaker, peace of mind, added security, and a place to deliver and supply her medication on time. That’s what you get when you invest in an Ōmcare Home Health Hub at just $949 to purchase and $9.99/month after that.

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