What is the Ōmcare Home Health Hub?

The Ōmcare Home Health Hub is an all-in-one home telehealth solution that enables remote care and ensures the right medication at the right time for aging loved ones. Taking care of your loved one has never been easier…no matter where you are!

No more medication mishaps

Leave pillbox organizers and calendar reminders in the past. The Hub delivers the right medication at the right time with live-video confirmation for peace of mind. 

Independence but never apart

One-touch, two-way calling connects you and your loved one quickly and seamlessly, giving them at-home independence without sacrificing safety and accessibility.

One solution for endless care

Gone are the days of making do with different resources and tools. With the Hub and our companion app, you get one easy-to-use solution to manage your loved one’s care.

Ōmcare Home Health Hub capabilities

  • Easy, one-touch access to care and loved ones
  • 2-way video calls
  • Dispenses pouched medication direct from pharmacy
  • Two cameras on the hub give the caregiver visibility to ensure the right person is taking the right medication
  • Caregiver and Smart (hub) medication assistance options
  • Future features include integrated biometric monitoring, 3-way video calling and seamless flow of important health information to healthcare providers

What does it cost?

Unlike in-home care provided by nurses and aides, the Ōmcare Home Health Hub works at just a fraction of the cost. 


After a one time fee of $799, Ōmcare saves you thousands of dollars a month.*


per month

In-home service

Hiring a Home Health Aide to visit the home and ensure medication is taken.


per month

Assisted living

Moving to a facility that provides personal care and help with daily activities.


per month

Hospital stay

An unexpected trip to the hospital from incorrect or missed medication.


average three-day visit

1. “Cost of Care Survey.” Aging & Your Finances. Genworth. 2020.
2. Health Coverage Protects You from High Medical Costs.” U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. 2019.

*Pricing subject to change.

Ōmcare Home Health Hub with the door open

Where can I buy?

The Ōmcare Home Health Hub is available in early 2023. Supply is limited. Get on the wait list today!

When your Ōmcare Home Health Hub becomes available, you will receive an email from us with a link to purchase directly on omcare.com.

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