Ōmcare is a digital health company pioneering a customizable, home health platform that allows healthcare organizations to extend care into the home via a secure telehealth infrastructure and integration with our patented medication dispensing technology. Ōmcare enables remote delivery of wrap around care coordination and integration of existing virtual care and remote patient care solutions and promising real medication adherence defined as right med, right time, right person.

A growing sicker, expensive population and caregiver shortage

  • 2030 20% of the population will be 65+
  • 68% 65+ have 2 or more concurrent chronic medical conditions
  • #1 Chronic medical conditions is #1 driver of $3.8T healthcare cost in U.S.
  • 37% 65+ use five or more prescription medications
  • 50% People taking medication are non- adherent costing >$300B annually
  • 4:1 Expected ratio of caregivers to seniors by 2030, half of today’s levels

Home is the new site of care

Care is moving to the home at an increasingly rapid pace and non-traditional players are placing big bets and developing in-the-neighborhood and in-the-home strategies. How can traditional healthcare compete?

The Omcare Home Health Hub with different care options displayed and pills in the tray.

Win the home with Ōmcare

The Ōmcare Home Health Hub allows you to completely customize so you can serve up your existing capabilities while integrating with our medication adherence solution.

Pharmacy home-delivery

Nurse line

Care coordination


Direct observed therapy

House calls

Ōmcare in the details

A customizable telehealth portal that enables one-touch access to care and promises 100% medication adherence.

  • Open API telehealth portal
  • 2 and 3-way video calls
  • Face-to-face care coordination
  • Dispenses pouched medication direct from the pharmacy
  • Two camera system for medication & patient visibility
  • Visual confirmation of right med, right time, right person
  • Camera-based biometrics
The Omcare Home Health Hub and mobile app on a smartphone next to each other.

Partnership opportunities

Ōmcare is exploring partnerships with organizations that are seeking to increase access, improve health outcomes and reduce cost by bringing care into the home.

Partners include: Senior care facilities and home health agencies, Medicare Advantage plans, prescription fulfillment providers, medication management programs, and wearables and biometrics.

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