Aging Well In Place

A new model for aging well is coming. Our goal is to help extend the reach of caregivers while enabling face-to-face care from anywhere. With a smart combination of in-person and tech-enabled care, we believe that people can reduce financial drain of costly services and retain independence far longer. We’re getting started by solving for medication non-adherence, doing what no one else has done before; visual confirmation of dispensing and taking meds. Ōmcare achieves true adherence; right pill, right time, right person.

Together we can define the future of aging well & healthy.

How We're Different

Ōmcare is far more than a pill sorting system with self-reported validation. With three issued patents and more pending, Ōmcare’s in-home remote dispensing and integrated care monitoring will drive a new way to measure adherence and set a new standard for care coordination that is simple, safe and easy to use.

Ōmcare links remote dispensing with video confirmation such that every dispensing event is directly observed and confirmed. Caregivers know immediately if a dose is missed or incorrectly administered.  Other smart pill dispensers and mobile compliance apps depend on self-reporting rather than direct observation. Ōmcare’s approach will change how the industry measures medication adherence.

Going beyond solving for medication adherence, Ōmcare is a conduit of care for the home. Video interactions integrated with various remote monitoring, wearable technology and telehealth services can provide remote care in a more convenient and sustainable model.


Remote automated control capabilities means the ability to know whether or not medication has been dispensed, in real time.


Face-to-face connection allows caregivers to support care at home from anywhere.


Ōmcare will redefine medication adherence, delivering validated data every time medication is taken.


Standard 3-way call capabilities makes inviting a third party to the conversation possible, setting a new standard for remote care.