With new funding secured, a Minnesota health startup will bring its in-home health technology to consumers next year.

Ōmcare has received a $2.5 million investment from Connect the Grey Investment Management to bring its Home Health Hub, an in-home device that dispenses and allows monitoring of a user’s medicine intake, to market following the conclusion of its pilot program.

“We are pioneering products that [enable] remote care in the home, and promises real medication adherence — meaning the right medication, [at] the right time, [for the] right person,” said Lisa Lavin, Ōmcare’s founder and CEO.

The coronavirus pandemic has cemented the need for telehealth services and products, and Ōmcare aims to be part of the movement, Lavin said.

In-home health care is more efficient, costs less and is safer for both the caretaker and patient, she said.

Ōmcare’s home health hub holds 30-days’ worth of medicine, dispensing once per day. Family or other caretakers can watch the user take their medication, ensuring the proper dosage and consumption. At that time, the user and caretaker can have a conversation, as well, she said.

“The telehealth genie has come out of the bottle and … there’s no way of putting that genie back in,” Lavin said.

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