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Ōmcare is a digital health company pioneering an interactive platform that enables remote care in the home and visual confirmation of real medication adherence – not only when prescriptions are filled, but when care recipients take the right pills at the right time. Our patented innovation enables healthcare professionals and caregivers to virtually deliver the same high quality of care into the home, more effectively.

We continue seeking partnerships with pharmacies, providers and payers for commercial rollout.


Grow your polypharmacy customer base, increase Rx auto-refills and gain a new channel when Ōmcare customers use your multi-dose pouch packaging.


Extend the reach of caregivers into the home. Improve patient outcomes by ensuring patients take the right pills at the right time resulting in fewer ER visits, complications, hospitalizations, and re-admissions.


Enables coordinated care that keeps our population healthier, contains financial burden of healthcare, and achieves better productivity.

Solving medication non-adherence

50% of people taking medication today are non-adherent – meaning they are not taking the right medication at the right time, resulting in the loss of >125K lives every year.

This is why Ōmcare exists. We extend the reach of caregivers with remote care and provide visual confirmation of true medication adherence.


Remote Care Conduit

Ōmcare is an open platform ready to integrate with your telehealth services, enabling real adherence through our patented technology. Keep your care team connected with an easy, one-touch user interface for two- and three-way calling.

Adherence Data

Ōmcare enables caregivers to virtually confirm patient adherence and uses recorded confirmations and data-driven insights to further improve patient outcomes. All data is encrypted.