Empowering family caregivers and improving medication adherence with connected technology.

The United States population is aging and, in the process, they will require more in the way of long-term care support and services.

Connected care and remote patient monitoring prove to be cost-effective methods to improve patient outcomes, medication adherence, and patient satisfaction.

Exclusive technology from Ōmcare aims to eliminate common breakdown in chain of communication between patients, providers, and family caregivers.

Top 3 Reasons Connected Care Requires Telehealth

Interest in telehealth is increasing rapidly around the world, including here in the U.S. In fact, the telehealth market has grown over 250% since 2015 and is expected to exceed 15% CAGR* through 2025. This growth is attributed tech-enabled services and a regulatory environment that has started to embrace virtual care options.

Why In-Home Care is the Next Big Healthcare Opportunity

As you might imagine, having been active in the healthcare community for some 30+ years, I’ve seen some fairly significant changes and shifts in our industry.

What is Medication Non-adherence? Health and Financial Risks

Medication non-adherence. It’s a big problem. People are not taking the right pill at the right time. The health and financial risks associated with medication non-adherence impacts individuals, families and caregivers.

Healthcare Innovation Startups: Most Successful Companies of the Last 10 Years

Today, the healthcare startup scene is booming. With 2018 projected to be the biggest year for investing for the healthcare industry, the future appears promising as more and more groundbreaking companies emerge into the field with bold strategies for solving problems.