Connection and caring during a health crisis

Information surfaces hourly about the newly classified pandemic COVID-19, and the headlines can be alarming.

3 Strategies to Help Aging Loved Ones Master their Meds

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Empowering family caregivers and improving medication adherence with connected technology.

The United States population is aging and, in the process, they will require more in the way of long-term care support and services.

Connected care and remote patient monitoring prove to be cost-effective methods to improve patient outcomes, medication adherence, and patient satisfaction.

Exclusive technology from Ōmcare aims to eliminate common breakdown in chain of communication between patients, providers, and family caregivers.

Top 3 Reasons Connected Care Requires Telehealth

Interest in telehealth is increasing rapidly around the world, including here in the U.S. In fact, the telehealth market has grown over 250% since…